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Last Night In Baseball: A No-Hitter, A 20 Inning Marathon, And Two Red Sox Losses

by @ 11:23 am on April 18, 2010. Filed under Baseball, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Sports

It was one of those nights in Major League Baseball last night.

First, Ubaldo Jimenez made history by becoming the first Colorado Rockies pitcher to pitch a no-hitter:

ATLANTA – Once Ubaldo Jimenez found the strike zone, the Atlanta Braves had no chance — and the Colorado Rockies had their first no-hitter.

Jimenez pitched the first no-hitter in the Rockies’ 18-year history and the majors’ first this season, getting help from a spectacular catch by Dexter Folwer in the seventh inning of a 4-0 win over the Braves on Saturday night.

“It is every pitcher’s dream to be out there for nine innings and throw a no-hitter,” Jimenez said.

I’m sure it is.

Incidentally, Jimenez’s no-no means that there are now only three Major League teams without a no-hitter to their name; the Tampa Bay Rays, the San Diego Padres, and the New York Mets, with the Mets having the longest dry period at 48 years.

Speaking of the Mets, they were involved in one of the longest, most bizarre, games I’ve seen in awhile:

ST. LOUIS – Jose Reyes hit a sacrifice fly in the 20th inning and the New York Mets beat the St. Louis Cardinals 2-1 on Saturday night in the longest game in the majors in two years.

Jeff Francoeur also had a sacrifice fly for New York in the 19th inning, snapping a scoreless tie, but Yadier Molina singled in Albert Pujols with two out in the bottom half.

Francisco Rodriguez (1-0) got the win despite yielding the tying run in the 19th and starter Mike Pelfrey finished for his first career save in a game that included 19 pitchers and lasted 6 hours, 53 minutes.

It was the longest game in the majors since Colorado beat San Diego 2-1 in 22 innings on April 17, 2008.

St. Louis left the bases loaded in the 10th, 12th and 14th and stranded 22 runners, including 14 in extra innings. Molina caught the whole game and went 3 for 9.

It was the longest scoreless game in the majors since the Los Angeles Dodgers and Montreal Expos went 21 innings without a run on Aug. 23, 1989, according to STATS LLC. The Dodgers won that one 1-0 on Rick Dempsey’s leadoff homer in the 22nd.

But the best thing about last night for this Yankee fan ? The Yankees won, and the Red Sox lost, twice.

2 Responses to “Last Night In Baseball: A No-Hitter, A 20 Inning Marathon, And Two Red Sox Losses”

  1. Chris Berez says:

    If you want to feel even better, the Sox just got creamed by the Rays again this afternoon. Lester looked good in the first, then fell apart. Defense was atrocious. And offense was nonexistent. I don’t expect it to stay this bad necessarily, but so far my skepticism towards the Sox pitching/defense strategy is seeming pretty legit. If the pitching/defense isn’t working– or, hell, even if it is– it gets you nowhere if it you can’t get a hit and/or you constantly leave runners in scoring position. Last night they had the bases loaded with zero out and still didn’t score a run. How does that even happen?


  2. Yea I saw that.

    The Sox will turn things around.

    The Yankees have had some horrible April’s the last few years and they’ve ended up in the playoffs by September. Boston is too strong a team to be under .500 all season

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