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The Right To Marry Is The Right Of Free Association

From Friday’s Cato Daily Podcast, The Cato Institute’s Chairman Bob Levy discusses the challenge to Proposition 8 out in California and makes the point that, in the end, the right to be married is nothing less than the right of free association, and the government should not interfere with that right:

One Response to “The Right To Marry Is The Right Of Free Association”

  1. James Young says:

    Sooo, by the same token, the right to incorporate is the right to free association, and therefore, I should be able to call any association I want to a “corporation,” without regard to whether I choose to meet the legal definitions and requirement for incorporation?

    This argument is unadulterated nonsense. It’s nihilism, not libertarianism. It is — like homosexuality — an extreme form of narcissism, i.e., than language should mean what I (or more accurately, you) want it to mean.

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