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Andrew Napolitano Asks, Who Killed The Constitution ?

by @ 8:31 am on April 20, 2010. Filed under Individual Liberty, U.S. Constitution

Judge Andrew Napolitano takes a look at what’s happened to our nation’s founding document:

I think Ed Morrissey sums it up well:

Let’s be honest, though; the Constitution has been an afterthought for Congresses controlled by both parties. Where in the Constitution does Congress derive the authority for No Child Left Behind, for instance, or Medicare Part D? In the first case, education is supposed to be under the control of local boards, as far away from Washington DC as it gets on the political spectrum. In the latter, the same Congress that passed Medicare Part D also refused to let private insurers sell policies across state lines for the same purpose.

It’s good to see us talking about the Constitution again, and how much of what the federal government does that falls outside of its boundaries of authority. But let’s not pretend that this is a new problem. It mainly started in the Great Depression, and we haven’t done much to enforce those limitations of power since.


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