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Saudi Lawyer To File Suit Over Danish Mohammed Cartoons


A Saudi lawyer is saying he is going to file a lawsuit in England against the creators of the Danish Mohammed cartoons:

UP TO 95,000 descendants of the prophet Muhammad are planning to bring a libel action in Britain over “blasphemous” cartoons of the founder of Islam, even though they were published in the Danish press.

The defamation case is being prepared by Faisal Yamani, a Saudi lawyer acting for the descendants, who live in the Middle East, north Africa and as far afield as Australia.

Mark Stephens, a British lawyer who has seen a “pre-action” letter sent by Yamani to 10 Danish newspapers, said it “specifically says” he will launch proceedings in London.

Yamani is expected to justify the action by claiming that the cartoons, including one of Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban, were accessible in Britain on the internet.

Unfortunately, given the pro-Plaintiff bias of British defamation law, this lawsuit isn’t nearly as ridiculous as it sounds to a rational person:

In a previous case of libel tourism, a Saudi businessman sued an American author whose book on the funding of terrorism was published in the United States but sold 23 copies in Britain via the internet. The businessman was awarded more than £100,000 in damages and costs.

In another example, the Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov successfully used the courts in London to sue a Ukrainian language website over an article mainly read in Ukraine.

One wonders why the Brits haven’t done something to stop their legal system from being abused in this manner.

H/T: Jonathan Turley

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