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J.D. Hayworth: “Birther Bill” Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Republican Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth says that Arizona’s “birther bill” does not go far enough

U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth is critical of the so-called “birther bill” that cleared the Arizona House of Representatives last week because it doesn’t go far enough.

Hayworth, who has cited the possibility of “identity theft” as a reason to want to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, said the Arizona measure is “too narrowly drawn” because it would force only
presidential candidates to produce evidence of their citizenship and other qualifications.

Hayworth is a former GOP congressman and radio talk-show host who is challenging incumbent Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the Aug. 24 primary.

“It’s real simple: We now require voters to offer proof that voters are who they say they are,” Hayworth said Friday at a news conference in Phoenix. “If we’re asking that of voters, shouldn’t we ask candidates for
every office on the ballot to be able to offer proof that they are who they say they are?”

In your case J.D., that would just require a sign around your neck that says “Wingnut”

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