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Mexico Issues Travel Warning For Arizona

by @ 4:42 pm on April 27, 2010. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Individual Liberty, Mexico


The Mexican Government is warning its citizens to avoid travel to Arizona:

Mexico’s government is warning its citizens about travel to Arizona because of a tough new immigration law there.

The travel alert from the Foreign Relations Department urges Mexicans in Arizona to “act with prudence and respect the framework of local laws.”

It says that the law’s passage shows “an adverse political atmosphere for migrant communities and for all Mexican visitors.”

It says that once the law takes effect, foreigners can be detained if they fail to carry immigration documents. While enforcement details are not yet clear, the alert says “it should be assumed that any Mexican citizen could be bothered and questioned for no other reason at any moment.”

Indeed it should.

Regardless of what the law says, the fact remains that someone of Hispanic origin, or someone who merely looks Hispanic, will be more likely to be questioned by an Arizona police officer. And that’s one of the many reasons that the law is unconstitutional.

H/T: James Joyner

4 Responses to “Mexico Issues Travel Warning For Arizona”

  1. Paul L. says:

    Is there some reason why the US should take Mexico as the absolute moral authority on immigration and how to treat non-citizens?
    Oh My…Take A Look At Mexico’s Immigration Laws

  2. Vast Variety says:

    Is there some reason we should be stopping and detaining every person on the street for no reason other than they look like they are Hispanic, which is what this law allows?

  3. arturo manso says:

    Is there some reason any legal Hispanic should be concerned if they happen to be asked for papers?
    There are many forms of cheap legal id besides a passport.
    Maybe Mexico should treat the illegal folks from El Salvador, Honduras, etc. they catch
    the same way they want the US to treat Mexican illegals.
    Illegals in Mexico should be so lucky as to be treated as well as the illegals in the US.

  4. “Immigrants” are already required to carry documents by the US Code. This Arizona law is a non-issue in my opinion, you know kinda because illegals are already criminals.$$xa$$busc8.wais&start=2394314&SIZE=5388&TYPE=TEXT

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