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Glenn Beck’s Paranoia On Display: They’re Coming To Kill Me

by @ 8:46 am on April 30, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, Glenn Beck, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

The other day, Glenn Beck once again said that he thinks he’ll be killed:

Which, of course, requires me to post this:

It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. sound bite

9 Responses to “Glenn Beck’s Paranoia On Display: They’re Coming To Kill Me”

  1. Alton Foley says:

    You really don’t know what satire is, do you Doug?

  2. I know what satire is.

    I also know what really bad acting is. Beck is really good at being really bad

  3. Norma Earls says:

    Alton, you’re talking to someone who uses Media Matters as a credible news source.

  4. Harry says:

    Beck is a fucking idiot. He is not a satirical host, he is dead serious or else people would not show up armed after listening to him. All these old, uninformed and rash people who follow him need to die off already. If it were not for the baby boomers we probably wouldn’t have the same fox news as we do today.

  5. What’s inaccurate about the quote ?

    Beck actually said it

    And I don’t think MM is any less credible than Beck himself.

  6. tfr says:

    > he is dead serious or else people would not show up armed after listening to him

    Non-sequitur. And no, I don’t believe he’s serious, any more than any other radio talk show host. He playing to his audience: flyover-state religious fundies. It become more and more obvious every time I listen to him.

  7. Painesright says:

    Glenn Beck is exposing the biggest con in the history of the world and all you guys can do is bash him?

    Are you serious?!?

    How about the fact that there is a $10 Trillion heist going on?

    Do you want to talk about that or is it just easier to call names and throw taunts like 2nd graders?

    Man up!

    If he is so off base, destroy the facts that he has laid out. It should be easy for you to do if what he is saying has no basis.

    Here ya go. Have at it!

    Chicago Climate Exchange, the CCX ($10 trillion market created out of thin air… Enron would be proud!)
    Barack Obama
    Valerie Jarrett
    Goldman Sachs
    Many ex-Goldman Sachs people in the administration
    George Soros
    Al Gore
    Franklin Raines (the $90 million dollar paycheck Fannie Mae accounting fraud guy)
    Emerald Cities
    The Appollo Alliance
    Van Jones
    The New Party
    The Working Families Party
    Joel Rogers

    All of these people are set to either reap billions in money and/or reap untold political power from the CCX and Cap and Trade.

    Cap and Trade is going to cause the price of everything we buy to skyrocket, send millions more jobs overseas and is NOT going to do a damn thing to help the environment.

    Can you take that on or are your abilities limited to wishing people would just go ahead and die and dropping the F-bomb?!?

    You guys who think that these people care about the environment or the poor are playing the classic part of the useful idiot. They need you for their con to work!

    This is about the benjamins and power… period.

    It is a con and you are being played. Open your eyes.

    But, go ahead. Explain to all of us how the people listed above are a bunch of angels who just want to save the planet and help the poor.

    I’m waiting…

    And saying that I’m parroting Beck or blindly following him or paranoid is not gonna cut it anymore.

    Put your big-boy pants on, use facts and back them up with reasoning or go home.

  8. tfr says:

    Painesright, dude, get a grip.
    We’re talking about whether he’s really paranoid enough to think someone is out to kill him. What are you talking about?
    Other than that, some of Beck’s points do have merit. That’s why I listen occasionally. But you do have to separate the ratings fluff from the kernel of truth, like any other talk radio.

  9. Joe Mama says:

    There are plenty of reasons not to like Beck, but taking his obvious hyperbole seriously isn’t one of them, and just make his critics look silly.

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