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The Revenge Of Gillian Duffy

by @ 4:54 pm on May 2, 2010. Filed under England, Foreign Affairs


Gordon Brown’s worst nightmare replayed itself today as Gillian Duffy gave an interview to The Mail On Sunday:

The woman branded a ‘bigot’ by Gordon Brown launched an outspoken attack on the Prime Minister last night, as a new poll showed David Cameron on course to win the Election, but with too few MPs to rule on his own.

Rochdale grandmother Gillian Duffy, whose encounter with Mr Brown threatens to turn a Labour defeat into a rout, told the Prime Minister she pitied him and said his days in Downing Street were numbered.

What hurt her most of all was not the word ‘bigot’, but the way he referred to her as ‘that woman’.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, Mrs Duffy, right, said: ‘I’m not “that woman”. It’s no way to talk of someone, that, is it? As if I’m to be brushed away. Why couldn’t he have said “that lady”?’

Nor was Mrs Duffy impressed when he came to her house, made a grovelling apology and invited her to No10 to visit him and his wife Sarah.

‘He asked, “Do you ever come down to London? If you ever come down you must come to No.10 and meet me and Sarah,”’ Mrs Duffy revealed. ‘Well, I just looked at him. I didn’t like to say it, but all I could think was, “I don’t think you’ll be there.”’


It’s a good thing for Brown that there weren’t any cameras there when she said that.

Just goes to show you, don’t mess with Grandmothers.

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