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Democratic Congressman: Oil Spill “Looks Like Chocolate Milk”

by @ 12:12 pm on May 3, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, In The News

Ladies and gentlemen, Congressman Gene Taylor, (D-MS):

TAYLOR: What I want people to know is this isn’t Katrina. This is not Armageddon. I did this for the Coast Guard many years ago. Yeah, it’s bad. And it’s terrible that there’s a spill out there. But I would remind people that the oil is twenty miles from any marsh. … That chocolate milk looking spill starts breaking up in smaller pieces … It is tending to break up naturally.

HOST: As we look for pieces of optimism, and you’ve provided us with some, I still have to say, this is kind of inconsistent your characterization with some of the doomsday reports that we’ve been hearing.

TAYLOR: David, that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m here, because I’ve had a lot of people stop me … it almost strikes me as the day after Katrina. They’re that concerned. And it’s not, I wish it never happened. Yeah it’s bad out there. But it’s not right on our shore. … And it is tending to break up, the farther you get from the source, and it is a good thing.

4 Responses to “Democratic Congressman: Oil Spill “Looks Like Chocolate Milk””

  1. I just want to say that Gene Taylor is the best Democrat in Congress, by far, and he still has to go.

  2. Let's Be Free says:

    I think this Congressman is offering good, if currently unpopular, insight. The open and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico probably have a 100 times the ability to break up, break down and reduce to inert waste discharged oil as did the cold, confined waters of Prudhoe Bay. My best guess, is that this disaster will not have nearly the adverse effects now being speculated and that whatever the adverse effects may be they will be mostly temporary. It is important to react, and move quickly and massively for sure, however, to mitigage and control.

  3. Yea but the problem with that is that the oil then becomes a part of the Gulf ecosystem

    Not a good thing

  4. tfr says:

    I have noticed that the media have been hovering like vultures over this landfall for almost a week now, and nothing is continuing to happen…

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