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Ken Cuccinelli Surrenders In Boobie-Gate

by @ 8:13 pm on May 4, 2010. Filed under Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia, Virginia Politics


Virginia’s Attorney General has apparently decided not to cover up an exposed breast on Virginia’s state seal:

RICHMOND, Va., May 4 (UPI) — Virginia’s attorney general said his staff will cease using lapel pins featuring a state seal with the Roman goddess Virtus’ breast covered with armor.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced Monday the pins are being retired after controversy surrounding the breastplate, which covered the usually exposed left breast of Virtus, or virtue, on the state seal, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Tuesday.

Brian Gottstein, a spokesman for the official, said that the attorney general chose the image because of its similarity to a historic version of the state seal.

He said the pins were paid for with Cuccinelli’s campaign funds, not taxpayer dollars, but they still drew enough controversy from partisans and the media.

“I liked this particular image and thought it would be something unique for my employees,” he said. “I cannot believe that joking with my staff about Virtue being a little more ‘virtuous’ in this antique version has become news.”

Perhaps you’ll learn not to give your enemies the rope they’ll use to hang you.

One Response to “Ken Cuccinelli Surrenders In Boobie-Gate”

  1. Claireses Lippincott says:

    Ken Cuccinelli, when he appears with the State seal on the podium, just wants to be the only boob on the stage.

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