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Faisal Shahzad On Anti-Terror Squad’s Radar In 2004

by @ 10:26 am on May 5, 2010. Filed under Homeland Security, In The News, War On Terror

Take a look at this interesting tidbit from today’s New York Times:

George LaMonica, a 35-year-old computer consultant, said he bought his two-bedroom condominium in Norwalk, Conn., from Mr. Shahzad for $261,000 in May 2004. A few weeks after he moved in, Mr. LaMonica said, investigators from the national Joint Terrorism Task Force interviewed him, asking for details of the transaction and for information about Mr. Shahzad. It struck Mr. LaMonica as unusual, but he said detectives told him they were simply “checking everything out.”

It would be very interesting to say the least what it might have been about the sale of that Norwalk house that would have brought the sale to the attention of the JTTF, wouldn’t it ?

Granted, it could have been nothing serious. Perhaps Shahzad wirted part of the sales proceeds back to his family in Pakistan and that raised a red flag. Nonetheless, it’s not every day that a house sale gets attention like that, I would assume.

H/T: Byron York via a Tweet from Allahpundit

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