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Terrorism Expert: Times Square Attack Reveals A “Troubling Trend”

by @ 8:57 am on May 5, 2010. Filed under Homeland Security, War On Terror

Well, this is disconcerting:

H/T: The Moderate Voice

2 Responses to “Terrorism Expert: Times Square Attack Reveals A “Troubling Trend””

  1. [...] Faisal Shahzah was no international man of terrorist mystery, after all. And this incident is not without precedent. And lefty theorizing won’t change the average American’s notion that, yes, terrorism [...]

  2. DaveFP says:

    The “troubling trend” will be the ever-increasing invasion of our privacy; all justified by incidents like this. Stop and ask yourself: If and when we achieve peace with the middle east will the government take down all the cameras and repel the Patriot Act? I think most readers know the answer to that. If “America” is destroyed it will be destroyed from within, not by “amateur hour” bombs.

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