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Betty White Does SNL

by @ 1:36 pm on May 9, 2010. Filed under Celebrities, Television

Outside of the 2008 Election, I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in years, but there was no way I was going to miss last night:

Even Jay-Z worships at the altar of Betty White. And why wouldn’t he?

At the end of his second song on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” the appropriate “Young Forever,” Jay-Z dedicated his performance to the host, “the most incredible Betty White.”

Saturday’s whole show was one big celebration of White, from the commercials featuring the actress to her game presence in every sketch. A number of the skits didn’t do much more than trade on her saucy-grandma image, and there wasn’t necessarily a classic moment in the 90-minute show.

Still, White proved why she’s getting work at age 88 — her comic delivery is still formidable. Of course she nailed all the naughty stuff, but given enjoyably silly material, as she was in sketches with Kenan Thompson, Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey, she killed. The show would be smart to extend an open invitation to White to return as host any time, but given how in demand she is, who knows if she’d be able to make it back?

If there wasn’t a sidesplitting “Hamm & Buble” moment (and how I wished for a Jay-Z-Betty White collaboration, a la Jon Hamm and Michael Buble’s 2009 “SNL” skit), White at least had some effective zingers in her opening monologue.

Back when the campaign to get her on “SNL” began, she didn’t know what Facebook was, White confessed. “And now that I do, I think it sounds like a huge waste of time,” she said

You can watch the whole show on Hulu if you missed it, but here are my favorites:

The monologue:

The “muffin” sketch:

And the census sketch with Tina Fey:

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