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Ken Cuccinelli Endorses Keith Fimian In VA-11 GOP Primary

With just under a month to go until the voting, Virginia’s Attorney General has come out for Keith Fimian in the 11th CD:

Today, I am proud to endorse Keith Fimian for Congress. Keith’s experience and record of creating jobs here in Northern Virginia makes him an ideal candidate to face off against Gerry Connolly this fall.

Keith is staking out the same conservative positions now as he did in 2008, and his steadfast support of the Constitution is an asset we could use on Capitol Hill. And unlike Gerry Connolly, Keith has shown that he will not change his tune to win votes. He will stand up to the Washington insiders and fight for what is right, no matter what.

As an entrepreneur, small businessman and job creator, Keith Fimian is exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress right now to turn this economy around. He will focus on creating jobs, cutting spending and he’ll work hard to get government out of the way of businesses doing business. Keith Fimian is 100% pro-life — he’s someone we can trust to always vote to defend our traditional values and stand up for families.

If Republicans are going to make a meaningful comeback in 2010, we need candidates like Keith who will carry their conservative principles to Congress – not return to the business-as-usual politics that lost us the majority in the first place.

Keith Fimian has the qualities and experience we need to win in November. We need Keith Fimian in Congress, and that’s why he’s earned my endorsement. Please join me in supporting Keith in the Republican primary June 8th and again in November.


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

It will be interesting to see what impact this endorsement has on the race. So far, the impression has been that Pat Herrity has the edge in this race but Fimian has run this race before and should not be counted out just yet.

One Response to “Ken Cuccinelli Endorses Keith Fimian In VA-11 GOP Primary”

  1. Fairfax GOPr says:

    Time for someone to ask our AG if he cares to retract support and get on board with the rest of VA GOP leadership in our community supporting Pat Herrity.
    Things do not look good for Mr. Have a Hard Time with the Truth Myself Fimian…
    Apparently McGreevey couldn’t stomach the outright lies Keith keeps promulgating at every turn about how HE started the company in HIS garage (I have heard him say it – repeatedly)…heard something similar recently? HMMMM – “I served in Vietnam” – well not IN Vietnam, just during Vietnam. A lie is a lie.
    Pat Herrity has worked very diligently to turn the sinking ship mess that Connolly left and which we will be cleaning up for years…our own oil spill = ragingly out of control budgets, out of control immigration, out of control development, zero accountability, masterminding the urbanization of Fairfax County with subsidized housing, mass transit, no road improvements, skyrocketing personal property taxes…all poised to get blue voters into the County. The puppeteer needs to answer for the chaos left on our doorstep and Fimian can’t do it.

    A good point from
    I can’t speak to the timing. Charges this serious would need substantiating.

    There’s a lot of question marks in Fimian’s bio and notlarrysabato addresses one of them pretty well. Keith is not an engineer or chemistry major. Where would he get the skills necessary to produce a patentable radon detection unit?

    3 posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 3:25:40 PM by Credo

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