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Texas Conservatives Attack American History, Again

by @ 12:03 pm on May 16, 2010. Filed under Education, History

A few months ago, textbook changes by the Texas Board of Education made national news for the extent that they appeared to be promoting a very conservative view of American history.

Now, it appears that the forces behind those changes have a whole new list of stuff they want to change:

Don McLeroy, a Republican board member from College Station, has circulated to board colleagues changes he plans to recommend next week when the board resumes debate over proposed new curriculum standards for social studies. Among the changes McLeroy wants to make:

· Add a standard to the eighth-grade U.S. history course that maintains separation of church and state was not the intent of the Founders who drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights: “Contrast the Founders’ intent relative to the wording of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause, with the popular term ‘Separation of church and state.’”

· Strike from a standard in the high school U.S. history course a 1948 court decision, Delgado v. Bastrop ISD, that barred segregation of students of Mexican descent in Texas public schools. McLeroy proposes replacing that decision with 2009 Supreme Court employment discrimination decision involving white firefighters in Connecticut (Ricci v. DeStefano) and a 2005 decision dealing with the government’s powers of eminent domain (Kelo v. City of New London).

· Change a high school U.S. history standard to downplay the positive impact of Progressive Era reforms and suggest that the work of the era’s reformers like Upton Sinclair, Susan B. Anthony, Ida B. Wells and W.E.B. DuBois created a negative portrayal of America.

· Add a standard to high school U.S. history requiring students to “evaluate efforts by global organizations to undermine U.S. sovereignty.”

· Add a standard to high school U.S. history having students “discuss alternatives regarding long term entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, given the decreasing worker to retiree ratio.”

Some of these aren’t bad ideas, but are they really the kinds of things that belong at the high school level ?

Also I don’t see how making history biased toward the right is any better than making it biased toward the left. History is history. Facts are facts. That’s what students should be learning.


One Response to “Texas Conservatives Attack American History, Again”

  1. Vast Variety says:

    The problem is that, especially with History, the facts are constantly being rewritten by those in power, which in this case is the Right Wing nuts in control of the Texas Board of Education, which since we don’t have a national standard, and due to the size of the Texas School textbook market, Texas basically gets to write the textbooks for the entire country.

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