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Woody Allen Says Roman Polanski Has Suffered Enough

by @ 9:47 am on May 17, 2010. Filed under Celebrities, Dumbasses

Seriously, dude:

CANNES, France — Woody Allen has restated his support for fellow filmmaker Roman Polanski, who is in house arrest in connection with a 33-year-old sex scandal.

Allen said Polanski “was embarrassed by the whole thing,” “has suffered” and “has paid his dues.” He said Polanski is “an artist and is a nice person” who “did something wrong and he paid for it.”


Oh, never mind, it’s already obvious.

2 Responses to “Woody Allen Says Roman Polanski Has Suffered Enough”

  1. James Young says:

    When you’ve got support from Woody Allen, you know you’re toast.

  2. Two creeps in a pod!

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