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Hezbollah Not A Fan Of Miss USA Rima Fakih

by @ 3:30 pm on May 19, 2010. Filed under Celebrities, Foreign Affairs, In The News, Lebanon

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She’s being celebrated by the residents of her hometown, but the Hezbollah militia that controls it isn’t thrilled about Rima Fakih becoming Miss USA:

Newly-crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih may be the pride and joy of her native Lebanese village, but the 24-year-old beauty contestant is far less popular among some leaders in the Middle East.

In an interview Tuesday with Lebanese television, Hezbollah official Hassan Fadlallah reportedly had few glowing words to describe Fakih, who became the first Muslim American on Sunday to secure the crown.

“The criteria through which we evaluate women are different from those of the west,” Fadlallah told the television station, AFP reported.

Because it typically involves the ability to strap on an explosive vest an walk into a crowded cafe.

But, the rest of the town has other feelings:

[R]esidents have reportedly hailed Fakih as an “honor” to the region.

“She is an honor to us, a honor to all of southern Lebanon,” her aunt Afifa Fakih told AFP.

“We are so often described as terrorists and killers, but we Shiites love life and beauty — and mainly the beauty of the soul, which is what is so special about Rima,” the aunt reportedly said.

Good for them.

H/T: Melissa Clouthier

5 Responses to “Hezbollah Not A Fan Of Miss USA Rima Fakih”

  1. She IS smoking hot. And a huge boost to traffic if you just use her name and the word “nude” in the blog post title.

  2. NeeAnderTall says:

    Rima Fakih is far braver than a legion of suicide bombers to stand out from the crowd, rather than trying to hide in it. Giver her the credit she is due. She knows she is challenging centuries of traditional values and is redefining her own self-image.

  3. Gill Robb says:

    Arabs have the hairiest women on the planet. She must have spent thousands on waxing. They look hot when young, but like their cousins around the Med, they ugly-up fast after bearing children.

    Arab and Persian men say that all American women are whores. That is what they say when they are back on their home turf. When they are here, the hypocrites are all out cruising the titty bars and dancing at the gay clubs

  4. pete says:

    Gill Robb, you’re not only wrong, but an idiot. Every woman of the world is hairy. Some cultures shave and some don’t.

    “She must have spent thousands on waxing.” It’s called a razor, you moron.

    Kill yourself.

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