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A Contribution For “Everybody Draw Muhammed” Day

by @ 12:38 pm on May 20, 2010. Filed under Freedom of Speech, Individual Liberty, Islam, Religion

Instead of creating my own drawing, here are the cartoons created in 2007 by Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who was attacked last week at Uppsalla University by a group of Muslims, and whose home was the target of an arson attack last weekend. In his cartoons, which were created specifically to protest the Muslim reaction to the Danish Muhammed Cartoons, Vilks choose to depict Muhammed as a dog:




3 Responses to “A Contribution For “Everybody Draw Muhammed” Day”

  1. Watch out, you heretic!

  2. Snapped Shot says:

    Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!…

    Here’s Snapped Shot’s humble contribution to keeping the fires of rage alight over in Pakistan: Feel free to share your own creations down in the comments section, y’all. And do be sure to join the Facebook group, if you haven’t already. Also celeb…

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