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Roger Clemens Perjury Investigation Moves Into High Gear

by @ 10:49 am on May 26, 2010. Filed under Baseball, Mitchell Report, New York Yankees, Roger Clemens, Sports


It’s been two years since Roger Clemens appeared, voluntarily, before a Congressional Committee and stated under oath that he had never used steroids, despite the testimony of two witnesses, including a teammate, that he had. Now, it looks like the perjury investigation that was referred to the FBI has moved into high gear:

A House committee is cooperating with the federal steroid investigation involving baseball legend Roger Clemens and has shipped interview transcripts and documents to a grand jury, a House source told POLITICO.

The House Energy and Commerce committee has turned over documents to investigators probing whether Clemens lied under oath about using steroids, a source close to the committee said. No committee or staff members have been called to testify, however.

Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, vehemently denied using steroids or human growth hormone when testifying before Congress in February 2008.


Federal prosecutors have been investigating Clemens’ statements for over a year.

The federal statute of limitations for non-capital crimes like perjury is five years, so prosecutors have until February 2013 to bring charges and they’re obviously taking the time to develop an airtight case.

I said my peace about Clemens two years ago:

Let me say up front that I don’t think this should even be a Congressional issue. It’s an internal baseball matter. But, that’s not what’s at stake here. Clemens put himself out front when the allegations came out in December by denying them publicly and, apparently, under oath. Now, the evidence is stacking up and it’s looking more and more like he was lying.

That’s called perjury. And that’s a problem.

It’s sad really. On some level I don’t care that Clemens, or any other ballplayer, used steroids, but he’s not going to destroy his career and his life because he used steroids. He’s going to destroy them both because, apparently, he lied.

Do I feel bad for Clemens ? Not really, he’s cooked his own goose at this point. But this whole mess makes me feel sorry for this kid, and all the other Clemens fans out there.


3 Responses to “Roger Clemens Perjury Investigation Moves Into High Gear”

  1. tfr says:

    Bread and circus. I guess we’re supposed to believe that lying to Congress about a ball game is much more important than, I dunno…
    oil spills
    world economy, impending collapse of the Euro
    the Koreas upping the ante

  2. Like I said, I think the hearing was a waste of time. But Clemens was the one who demanded it to “clear his name.”

    If he went there and thought he could get away with lying under oath, he deserves to be charged.

  3. L Hayes says:

    Clemens is a pompous fool and a blowhard, apparently with a need to self-destruct. Let’s only hope Lance Armstrong is smarter than him: the parallels between these two high-profile doping scandals are many.

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