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Rand Paul Still Leading In Latest Kentucky Polls

Two new polls show that Rand Paul continues to hold a lead over his Democratic opponent in the race for Kentucky’s Senate seat.

In the Bluegrass Poll, Paul has a six point lead over Jack Conway:

Republican Rand Paul leads Democrat Jack Conway by 6 points in Kentucky’s closely watched U.S. Senate race, according to a Courier-Journal/WHAS11 Bluegrass Poll.

The new poll — in which 569 likely voters were questioned by telephone — found Paul would beat Conway by a margin of 51 percent to 45 percent if the election were held today.

Paul’s lead, however, falls within the poll’s margin of error, which is plus or minus 4.2 percentage points. Only 4 percent of likely voters said they were undecided in the poll, which was conducted May 25-27 by SurveyUSA.

The other poll released last week, a Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll, showed Paul leading Conway 44% to 41% with 15% undecided.

Arguably, these polls indicate that Paul has taken a hit from the Civil Rights Act controversy considering that the first post-primary poll showed him with a 25 point lead (although its worth noting that comparing polling results from different pollsters isn’t really a good idea).

In any case, though, it seems clear that whatever harm that controversy caused him, Paul remains the leader in this race.

6 Responses to “Rand Paul Still Leading In Latest Kentucky Polls”

  1. bondwooley says:

    Rand Paul is out of his mind. Even the Libertarians are upset with him. But, like Sarah Palin, people eat this up. The deeper he digs his grave, the more room there will be for supporters to jump in behind him.

    My response to Paul is this short satire video:

    Rand Paul Satire

  2. spinnkerca says:

    The latest poll was really almost a push poll for the Dem candidate, it had the CRA and ADA as ‘the issues of the day’ then asked about candidates, even though neither bill is on anyone’s agenda. Rand Paul’s being 6 points ahead in this poll, with more than 50% of the vote and only 4% undecided means the people of Kentucky already know what their issues are, and that the media isn’t discussing them.

  3. tetleysthescunt says:

    bondwooley, you’re a cunt with two much time on your hands. i’d like to make a satire of you trying to feel up sweet betty sue at the disco, but annae happen. give the guy a break. tossers like you keep muggin him. what do tossers like yous have to show for yourself, you can make videos. wowie zowie, i’m amazed.

  4. Frank N says:

    Rand Paul does and says whatever pleases the tea party. Because of people like him, we’ll have the choice between losers and nuts.

  5. Left wing demagogues like BondWooley can spit out whatever they’d like, he’s going to beat Conway by 8-10 points.

  6. George says:

    SO big global banks don’t like him, and big global media outlets don’t like him. Socialists don’t like him. People who think churches should be forced to hire gay clergy, they don’t like Paul. Irresponsible people who prefer that others make decisions for them, well they don’t like Rand either. People who think that only criminals should have guns – they don’t like Rand Paul. People who want a government takeover, and socialization of healthcare, don’t like Rand either.

    Rand is disliked by exactly the people that you hope dislike him (if you want him to win in KY), and he is ahead in the Kentucky poll by about 10 points. If big global media outlets, big global banks, big government socialist types, and others like this don’t like him, then I’m voting for him no matter what he, or anyone else tells me. His poll numbers at this point should be at the lowest point in the race at the time the poll was taken, Rand is way sharper than Conway and there is little chance that you can hit him twice – they’ve had their best shot, and it’s behind them.

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