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Ron Paul: A Blockade An Act Of War

by @ 5:09 pm on June 3, 2010. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Israel, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Ron Paul

4 Responses to “Ron Paul: A Blockade An Act Of War”

  1. The Fury says:

    I’m still torn whether or not I agree with the blockade. I mean I understand the reasoning behind it, but I dislike the outcome.

  2. cargosquid says:

    OF course its an act of war. HAMAS is at war with Israel. That’s why Israel prevents any inspected ship form offloading in Gaza.

  3. dougisalawyer says:

    the blockade is gay. it’s like knowing someone wants to fight you and they’re waiting for you at the end of the day. you do your best to avoid them, but eventually you’re going to have to duke it out.

    if israel can’t manage with all the technology they have versus an unprofessional army, then they should commission sgt. slaughter to sort the madness.

    must really suck to be israel and to know the rest of the world thinks you suck at life. it would make anyone a paranoid un-lucid car wreck waiting to happen. you figure too with all that financial aid we have to borrow and then give them, we could at least get a couple of suck me fuck me hairy jewish princesses here to blow every guy.

  4. dougisalawyer says:

    question to doug? you ever fuck a jewish girl? it’s not true about them having tight snatches. at least the one i fucked was like the texas tunnel and had roast beef lips. i’m sure it would just pain the orthodox jews that a guy of scanny decent fucked one of their chosen people who worked at a kiosk in the mall. Three dates and dealing with the annoying yiddish accent wasn’t worth it.

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