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Helen Thomas To Israeli Jews: Go Back To Germany And Poland

by @ 1:53 pm on June 4, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, Foreign Affairs, Israel, Middle East

Wow…………….just, wow:

16 Responses to “Helen Thomas To Israeli Jews: Go Back To Germany And Poland”

  1. chris says:

    why doug do you have a boner for the state of israel. why bother. what’s it to us. we’re in america and that says it all. that’s not me saying i hate israel, or me saying i’m for it. it’s me being neutral. we should concern ourselves with ourselves and leave the rest of the world to its vices.

  2. Seth says:

    Sure… Jews lived in Israel so long ago. Sure, Jews have had a hard time finding what they can call a home. Sure, they suffered the Holocaust. These things aren’t deniable, although there are some who try.

    However, Helen’s kinda right in this case. Israel was set up by the US and the UK after WWII. Since then, the Israelis have taken more and more from the Palestinians who were there before them. In the beginning, the Jews even WANTED the Palestinians there. But they’ve since initiated their own Holocaust, but it’s the Palestinians who are suffering. The Jewish Holocaust does not justify their aggression and suppression of the Palestinian people. They ARE occupying Palestinian lands. What’s even better is that they’re indiscriminately killing foreigners in international waters.

    The case here is that if they can’t play nice, they should go elsewhere. The more hawkish they become, claiming that the world hates them, the more they act like belligerent thugs, and the more reason they give the rest of the world to hate them. They are being generally offensive to everyone but themselves, and they very much deserve a little offense thrown back at them.

    Normally, I would warn people not to over-generalize a people, since that’s what happens to us Americans when the rest of the world looks at us like a bunch of idiot warmongers. But when Jews here in America say that they are ashamed, and when polls are conducted that show nearly 60% of the populace of Israel was for Operation Cast Lead, and they are for the continued subjugation and discrimination of the Palestinian peoples, and the continuation of the blockades… I’m sorry, but Israelis have shown in general that they do not *deserve* their own state. I am not for the destruction of Jews. I don’t mind Jews. I don’t mind most people. But the state of Israel is the biggest (possibly not. Maybe the US government is worse) sponsor of terrorism this world has seen for nigh on to 7 decades, and the people who live there are near wholly complicit.

    I can’t feel sorry for the Israelis… and I can’t find myself feeling offended at Helen Thomas’ words.

  3. Snapped Shot says:

    Tolerance Illustrated…

    I posted this on my Buzz feed earlier, but it really does deserve Snapped Shot’s full attention: Here’s Helen Thomas expressing the Left’s true feelings. To wit: “You Jews, get back in those ovens!” Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the vomi…

  4. toointothebeltway says:

    Maybe we can get doug to put some ice on his Israel hard on and focus in on America. You should read a book, by a “Jewish” author called “Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America”. Maybe being in the heartland is way beyond and too far away from the beltway for you. It’s a non-fiction book about Hasidic Jews from NYC who buy into a meat slaughtering house in a small community in Iowa. The residents of Postville opened their arms to their new Hasidic Jew neighbors, but were treated with utter intolerance. Even the author who would be considered a reformed Jew was viewed as a gentile.

    Needless to say it’s a good examination of how if not in Palestine, but here in America, a large Hasidic Jewish population can come in and be intolerable to others not like them. Even a porn director, who for the record Doug is Jewish who lives in Israel blamed the Hasidic Jews for their extreme right views and incite a lot of hatred. Ask Yitzhak Rabin how irrational some of his countrymen are…oh wait you can’t, he was killed by his own people.

  5. toointothebeltway says:

    btw, the guy who talked about the formation of Israel is absolutely correct. Only difference is the British weren’t dumb enough to fully commit to the idea. In fact we’re the only dumb country to commit to being the full support of Israel. We need to mind our own business, because that country has fuck all to do with us…as does Sudan and any other nation with problems. You want to save the world Doug and Israel, get off your twitter and learn to fight.

  6. Bast Hotep says:

    “However, Helen’s kinda right in this case. Israel was set up by the US and the UK after WWII. Since then, the Israelis have taken more and more from the Palestinians who were there before them.”

    Er, no. The UK implemented the Palestine Mandate, which effectively created two new countries: Israel and Jordan. Jordan was given to the Palestinan Arabs, and Israel to the Jews. As soon as Israel became “official”, all the Arabs in the entire region attacked it. And then somewhat later, someone decided too many Palestinans were living in Jordan, and up to 20,000 of them were killed by their Arab brothers. At the time, it was called a “holocaust”.

  7. Citizen says:

    I was under the impression the state of Israel was founded on May 14, 1948. Therefore, it would be impossible for anyone to live in Israel before the holocaust, unless you were actually referring to Palestine, which is where modern-day Israel now sits.

  8. SKE says:

    Anti-semitism: Not a Thing of the Past. So disturbing.

  9. dougisalawyer says:

    i still think it’s pretty inhumane for going after an old lady who doesn’t have a popular opinion. when you grow up a little bit more doug, you’ll learn to be more respectful to your elders. in the meantime just keep waiting for the sky to fall and rapture to begin. sounds pretty gay and sci fi right? like immaculate conception?

    religion is a joke. israel is a joke. religion creating a state is a joke. calling someone anti-semitic because they don’t believe in this religious bullshit is a joke. come on now.

  10. People need to learn history. The Jews lived in Israel centuries ago – like before Christ (a Jew). They were driven from the land by insurgents like the Romans etc. After departing Egypt they lived in the desert for 40 years. Eventually the people who call themselves Palistinians moved into this land and called it Palistine. It, however, was the original homeland of the Jews. Actually the British ruled Palistine. They finally decided to get out. In 1948 the UN decided indeed it should be the homeland of the jews. The Palistinian people were given plenty of land but countries like Jordan, who was given more territory than they deserved would not let the Palestinians move there. That was to be the homeland for those Palastinians who wanted to leave Israel. No one forced them to leave Israel. Jordan convinced the people to live in camps because the Israelies would be driven into the sea.
    Why were there so many Jews in Poland and Germany? Because most that were driven from their homeland Israel) so dispersed around the world. Read some history – this is just a tiny tiny bit of what transpired.
    Do you know what Jordan is doing to their fellow Palestinians who have been in Jordan since 1948 and even those that were born there?

  11. Raya Kovensky says:

    I think before people make a comment about Arabs living in Palestine for the past 2,000 years, they need to open a history book and get the facts right and just not “make up a story” that certainly isn’t true. As far as Helen Thomas is concerned, if I were near her and heard what she had to say, I would slap her ugly face. It was in Germany and Poland where 6 million Jews and others lost their lives and
    Israeli Jews should go back there? Is she for real or is it a case of Alzheimers? Many people don’t have a clue about what happened to Jews in those two countries and the rest of Europe as well. I wouldn’t read anything she has to say if it were given to me on a golden platter. As far as Israel is concerned, it is a country that belongs to the Jews NOT the Arabs. . . the Arabs have a whole wide spectrum of Arab countries that they could go to, but none of their brethren wants them. It makes me wonder why???? As for Arabs being in Palestine 2,000 years ago – there were only Israelites living there, which included the man who so many people worship, another Jew, Jesus Christ.

  12. dougisalawyer says:

    yeah i look at all the people of israel and they all look totally semitic. very dark skinned with hair lacking nutrients. that’s like saying jesus truly looked like a roman prince with long lush brown hair and green eyes. while we’re at it. give back spain to the basque people. reverse what king william did in northern ireland. hell, get the kelts back to present day turkey. we could go on and on until the break of dawn. most us need to board a boat right now and head back to europe.

    history and civilization happened. fuck religion and fuck religion if it dictates a land grab. anyone thinks it’s alright to starve people to death because you believe in god. go with doug to john hagee’s church. they need donations.

  13. dougisalawyer says:

    i’m on the phone right now trying to establish a homeland for people of norman decent. also a homeland for the visigoths and all the other tribes.

    i need to know now doug…what set you claiming?

  14. Set the record straight says:

    There is a lot of bias in everyone’s comments here. 1) Helen Thomas is entitled to an opinion (via 1st Amendment), however, her job and press status in the Whitehouse should not reflect such bias. Regardless of her age, the “act” itself and the seat she represents in the press corp require better judgement and she should be removed.
    2) There were ‘non-Jews’ inhabiting the land (who were Abraham’s peers?) and since Israel is the name that comes from God (he changed Jacob’s name in Genesis 35, 11-12 to “Israel”, and Jacob was Abraham’s grandson via son Isaac, and Ishmael (Islamic traditions consider Ishmael as the ancestor of Arab people) was the son of Abraham and Hagar, then it is safe to say each have a valid claim to the land. In Numbers 33 52-54 God asks the Jews to “drive out all inhabitants of the land and to dwell therein”… well, someone had to be there! David, however, did “build” Jerusalem and that city’s roots are purely Jewish. As for “Palestine” when did that name originate? If Israel took the occupied territories in 1967 from Eqypt, SYria and Jordan respectively, and those countries reject the refugees in to their own countries then a united Arab-claim against Israel for Palestine is really invalid.

  15. Anita Meyer says:

    I felt sorry for Helen Thomas for years when Bush delegated her to the back because of something she said. Well, she sure belongs in the back or actually, out of the room altogether. It’s evidently time for her to retire. Who the hell is she to make a comment like she did? And then apologizing for it. Generally, these things are not said by mistake. She meant every word she said. And regarding the Palestinians, if I am not mistaken, they came from other Arab countries, Jordan mainly, as they didn’t want these people. All the anti-semites are more or less “coming out of the closet” now. We know you’re there, you have always been there. If you idiots would stop and think a minute, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is really the U.S.A.’s ONLY FRIEND IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

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