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Is It Wrong To Have A Man Crush On Chris Christie ?

by @ 12:39 pm on June 4, 2010. Filed under Chris Christie, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

New Jersey’s Governor continues to impress:

Governor Chris Christie gives remarks regarding teachers and the teachers Union, the NJEA during a Town Hall Meeting in Robbinsville, NJ.

Christie explained that his fight is not against teachers. It is against the NJEA. Christie cited this stat: a teacher who is in the union, pays $730 a year to join. If a teacher doesn’t want to join the union, they pay 85% of the $730 per year, to not join. Christie said:

“It’s like the Hotel California. You can check in anytime, but you can never leave.”

Christie compares the NJEA to the school bully. Said other governors run scared of the bully. While the parents and tax payers are the ones bleeding on the ground from all the money they pay to the NJEA. But Christie said he’s not running scared instead he said:

“You punch them, I punch you.”


But wait, there’s more:

Christie speaks in Washington DC, calling Newark schools 'absolutely disgraceful'

I’m loving this guy, a lot.

H/T: Tetrium Quids

4 Responses to “Is It Wrong To Have A Man Crush On Chris Christie ?”

  1. reader_iam says:

    He’s the real deal. Go, Chris, go!

    One thing I keep wanting to a put a fine point on is that when a union spends $6 million on advertising against a governor (or whomever or whatever), it’s spending union dues, which come from the salaries of its members**. In the case of teachers, who are paid by taxpayers, that means it’s essentially coming from taxpayer dollars. Thus, in effect, NJ taxpayers are paying for negative ads against Gov. Christie who–like him or agree with him or not–is doing his best to look after the interests of NJ taxpayers. It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

    **In the case of NJ teachers, it’s also coming from the salaries of those who choose not to be in the union but who must pay 85% of the annual union-dues assessment, anyway.

  2. Chris M. says:

    OMG, you have to pay the union to not join it? That’s totally absurd…almost as absurd as not being able to pump gas yourself!

  3. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right…

  4. dougisalawyer says:

    I like this Chris guy. Visually he looks like heart attack material, but guy doesn’t whistle dixie. Too bad his persona of toughness doesn’t translate national. He would make a good presidential candidate, but he’d scare the shit out of old ladies. Better him than indecisive and have a good excuse later for dumb decisions Paul Ryan.

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