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Massively Inappropriate Magazine Cover Of The Day

by @ 6:25 pm on June 7, 2010. Filed under Catholic Church, Religion

First, this happens:

Vermont’s Roman Catholic Diocese has agreed to pay $17.6 million to settle 26 lawsuits over alleged abuse by clergy, mostly involving one priest and altar boys in the 1970s.

Bishop Salvatore Matano, who announced the settlement with lawyers for the plaintiffs, writes in a “letter to the faithful” that three other cases on appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court were settled separately. “The terms of those settlements were much more modest than the jury awards, but, at the request of the plaintiffs, the precise amounts are confidential,” he writes

Then, this magazine is released:


Umm, guys. Really, I know that what you’re depicting here is a religious ceremony, but don’t you think most people will jump to other conclusions ?

H/T: The Pajama Pundit

15 Responses to “Massively Inappropriate Magazine Cover Of The Day”

  1. dougisalawayer says:

    now take the body of christ my son!

  2. Vast Variety says:

    I laughed about that all day today.

  3. Yes, it was a good find Vast. I’m still giggling about it…

  4. John Peabody says:

    I enjoy Doug’s writings daily, but this is disappointing. The regular readers of the magazine will (rightly) not notice a thing. If you think otherwise, well, it brings to mind Bevis and Butthead saying “ha- ha.. he said ‘nuts’!”, i.e., bringing scatological humor into a setting where it is not present to the normal viewer.

    (Hmph. Maybe I’m a jerk)

  5. dougisalawyer says:

    no john i just think you’ve got sand in your vagina. it’s funny to most people, except the unsavory few with sand in their vaginas. get after the photographer for taking a photo looking like an alter boy was slobbing on the knob of a priest.

  6. John Peabody says:

    …and this is why I do not participate in comments. Good day, sir.

  7. dougisalawyer says:

    awww john. i’m sorry. you want me to cuddle with you? it’s the fucking internet you twat. you expect to find meaningful conversations or deep emotions in this fiber optic cesspool?

    you’re not ready for the information age peabody.

  8. DIAL,

    (1) One more personal insult and you’ll be banned.

    (2) You are the reason I am considering banning anonymous comments.

    So watch it.

  9. dougisalwayer says:

    doug, not to condescend here. you’re the moderator. if you see the comment and it sounds contentious enough; then why allow it to post, only to berate me about my language and insults later? i respect that it’s your site and don’t want to piss on your wave. i figure we’re not little emotional children that we can’t handle bad words or comments. unless below the beltway is a nanny site. self censoring is a lot like implanting some magical tactical neural device in your head to stop you from saying nasty things. i do enjoy reading your site, but ban me and be done with it. this is how i am. sorry it conflicts with your idea of how things should be, but then again this is your site and you’re the bossman.

    sorry about the perceived slight doug.

  10. Perhaps I need to make the comment policy more easy to find.

    In any case, it was just a warning.

  11. John Peabody says:

    For those who have been gleefully reading of the horrors of hypocritical priests… yes, this is as funny as hell!

  12. dougisalawyer says:

    Well Doug, you obviously have me by the balls and I have to reluctantly agree with your comment policy. They’re not so many good classical liberal/libertarian sites to actively participate in. This is one of the good ones. So it’s not worth getting into a pissing contest when I’m holding a shitty hand of cards. I’ll also refrain from trashing the evil empire “yankees”.

    Mr. John Peabody. I’m sorry for being a total jerkoff. It was unwarranted. I hope that my shitty childish behavior doesn’t stop you from providing feedback on this site. I’ll be more constructive and less confrontational from here on out. Now enough of this sentimental shit and lets get on with advocating for a smaller government that works within the confines of the law of the land!

  13. It’s pretty simple. Act civily and don’t insult people and all will be fine

  14. John Peabody says:

    Amen! Supporting, Volunteering and Voting for candidates that favor smaller government are much more important than complaining over bits and bytes that show up on a computer monitor.

    No problem, dougisalawyer. This has been a most interesting day!

  15. dougisalawyer says:

    you’re talking to a guy who spent half of his life in glasgow, uk and the other half in midwest, usa. so being civil for me is easier said than done. glasweigens are notorious for being vulgar, violent and less sensitive than our male american counterparts. so doug as we say, no danger pal ;) i won’t be picking any locks and i’m on the straight and arrow now.

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