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Morning Joe Panel: Obama Can’t Act Angry Because He’s Black

by @ 10:50 am on June 8, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, Dumbasses, Joe Scarborough, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

I’m usually a fan of Morning Joe, but this was perhaps the most ridiculous discussion I’ve ever seen:

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One Response to “Morning Joe Panel: Obama Can’t Act Angry Because He’s Black”

  1. dougisalawyer says:

    nothing like a bunch dorks with their ipads. what the fuck does scarborough know about race? see him rolling deep in east st. louis like clark griswold. the few blackies he gets on his show have nothing in common with most of their african american counterparts. get some real people on these shows. get some of my black friends on to talk about black people. anything other than these dorks who walk eggshells around it. a real opinion from real people.

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