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Anti-Freedom “Freedom Party” Makes Big Gains In Dutch Elections

by @ 11:12 am on June 10, 2010. Filed under Europe, Foreign Affairs, Islam, Religion

Via my OTB co-blogger Alex Knapp, I learned this morning that the (sadly) ironically named Freedom Party is now the third largest party in The Netherlands:

Stepping away from American politics for a moment, there’s been a shocking result in the Netherlands’ parliamentary elections. The Freedom Party, which supports a ban on Muslims entering the country and a tax on headscarves, surged from nine to 24 seats in the 150-member parliament, making it the third largest party. That’s much less than the party needs to try and form a government or join a coalition — two center-left parties have a combined 61 seats — but it makes the party the main force of the political right, and gives its leader Geert Wilders an outside chance of a role in government.

The leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, is well-known for being anti-Muslim on a variety of levels, and more importantly, an enemy of religious liberty. For example, he has called for the Koran to be banned, that immigration form Muslim countries should be banned and all Dutch Muslims forced to leave, and has called Islam a European Trojan Horse.

In other words, it’s good old European fascism and it sure as hell isn’t freedom.

6 Responses to “Anti-Freedom “Freedom Party” Makes Big Gains In Dutch Elections”

  1. says:

    netherlands is in a weird situation. dutch had a pretty liberal asylum seeking immigration policy, not as bad as britain, for sure. but like here in the states you’ll find muslims aren’t scared to play the race card like blacks/hispanics. it only creates more tension with the natives. i think if the immigration policy was more moderate you wouldn’t have such a backlash. our immigration woes because of our welfare society are right there with eu. illegal immigrant problem with latin america is like germany’s problem with turkish immigrants.

    if you’re going to lay it on someone, do it in moderation, but don’t dump the lot into the system. unlike the states there is very little assimilation into society. some of south east asian types loath the people of scotland. it’s like why bother talking shit, fuck up and off. go back to your country. it’s hard for me to be objective. you just have to be around it to see what i’m saying. we clearly have an advantage here in states. hispanics have the values of the western world. word of advice, don’t try fucking a muzzie girl. it infuriates pakistani men when a white guy is with a pakistani girl. like the kkk was towards interracial dating.

  2. cargosquid says:

    Could it be that he is fighting a war? A culture war? The Muslims in the Netherlands are taking advantage of Dutch tolerance to make any criticism of Islam anathema. At the local levels, there are some no go areas for westerners. Sharia is growing. Political violence by the muslims is rising over there. Intolerance and a lack of assimilation is showing that the Dutch ideals of multiculturalism is failing in regards to Muslim immigrants.

  3. dougisalawyer says:

    these lands are old and well established. i don’t expect americans to agree with me. but if you take a look at the republic of ireland and you’ll see it’s changing and there is friction. the paddys don’t want the greeks or pollacks there. the government sides with business because they want cheap labor and now you have polish sex workers from dundalk down to cork. in scotland they get the poles too and a lot of south east asian people. it’s just a collision course of cultures. my father remembers when paddys started coming to glasgow and they used to fight with them. people are trying to hold onto their culture. now in scotland people only make a deal out of it when the rangers and celtics play. but the irish have more common with the scots than people from greece and god knows where eastern europe.

    america is beautiful like that. so many different people from many walks of life.

  4. Barenziah58 says:

    If Europe ever want than bail out of they fininal mess America could demand all anit-islam polition resign they post all anit-islam parties be permant ban and no new one
    form. All headscraft6 and Islamist clothes ban ended permant America needed to borrow money from Saudic Arabric to bail out Europe.

  5. Will le Fey says:

    Muslims, Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins, Macedonians, et cedera, anyone who wears a headscarf, has a duty to refuse to pay the tax.

  6. Will le Fey says:

    Speaking of Croats, they’re the sane ones in Europe. Un freaking believable.

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