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Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque Turns Nasty as Protesters Intimidate Egyptians

by @ 5:27 pm on June 10, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, Freedom of Religion, Individual Liberty, Islam, Religion

I am not surprised to hear that this happened:

In tone and in the personalities it attracted, Sunday’s rally was far different from the many Ground Zero gatherings and memorial services of recent years.

Only a handful of victims’ relatives came on Sunday.

Sunday’s crowd included representatives of the conservative Tea Party movement, some of them wearing anti-tax T-shirts that had nothing to do with Ground Zero, Islam or terrorism.

“We must take a stand and we must say no,” shouted rally organizer Pamela Geller as the crowd roared approval. Moments later, another keynote speaker, Robert Spencer, sparked more cheers when he asked, “Are you tired of being lied to?”

Spencer, however, did not explain precisely what lies he was referring to.

Many protesters held American flags. Many carried signs.

“A Mosque at Ground Zero Spits on the Graves of 9/11,” one placard proclaimed. Another sign depicted a toilet, with this message: “This is a Mosque. Do You Want it Built at Ground Zero?”

At one point, a portion of the crowd menacingly surrounded two Egyptian men who were speaking Arabic and were thought to be Muslims.

“Go home,” several shouted from the crowd.

“Get out,” others shouted.

In fact, the two men – Joseph Nassralla and Karam El Masry — were not Muslims at all. They turned out to be Egyptian Coptic Christians who work for a California-based Christian satellite TV station called “The Way.” Both said they had come to protest the mosque.

“I’m a Christian,” Nassralla shouted to the crowd, his eyes bulging and beads of sweat rolling down his face.

But it was no use. The protesters had become so angry at what they thought were Muslims that New York City police officers had to rush in and pull Nassralla and El Masry to safety.

“I flew nine hours in an airplane to come here,” a frustrated Nassralla said afterward.

The incident underscores how contentious — and, perhaps, how irrational — the debate over the mosque has become.

Gee do you think ?

This is the kind of anti-Muslim (not anti-Radical Islam) bigotry that the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are inspiring.

5 Responses to “Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque Turns Nasty as Protesters Intimidate Egyptians”

  1. Caleb says:

    You don’t think maybe the radical islamists and their enablers in the west, and the provocateurs behind the mosque, maybe deserve some blame? It’s all Geller’s fault?

    Come on dude. Weak.

  2. Geller makes a living stirring up anti-Muslim bigotry. So, yea, its largely her fault

  3. From what Ive read, many of these conservatives who bitch about it are not even New Yorkers.

  4. dougisalwayer says:

    i think you’re giving geller too much credit doug. sorry. i think she’s a joke in the blogging world. i think a lot of people see her as fear mongering. she suffers from the same fate as charles johnson.

  5. Tom Burns says:

    I notice the lumping-in of the Tea Party with blatant anti-Muslim hatred. Are we totally sure that these “Tea Party protesters” aren’t plants?

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