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Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin

by @ 5:22 pm on June 12, 2010. Filed under Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin

From this morning’s premier episode of Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel:

One Response to “Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin”

  1. Robert in SF says:

    Ugh! This was such a bumper-sticker-fest…”Do you agree with this incredibly ludicrously simple statement I am making using extreme wording?”…..sheesh!

    Especially the broad claims about the Obama administration without any substantiating examples or evidence….”disrepect for … enumerated powers of the federal government”….examples that weren’t also being done by the Bush admin, which few of the Palinites spoke against, if any?

    And no balance/counter points or logical follow-ups to some of the “answers”…

    If life begins at conception, and protected by the government from harm/death through making abortion illegal (at the state level), then would women who drink/smoke/don’t wear their seat-belts be charged with attempted murder, assault, or manslaughter if they have a miscarriage due to their own willful misconduct?

    Can a convicted murderer carry a gun after she gets out of prison? Can children own/carry arms anywhere? Can anyone own a small scale explosives?

    I do feel we need a physical presence in other parts of the world (Europe, Asia, etc.)…we can’t police them, but set up bases for emergency placement…we can’t keep our soldiers in one place…that puts all our eggs in one basket as it were…too centered, as it were, makes it hard to respond to emergencies and slows down our response in getting boots on the ground in those emergencies…

    Oh, and let’s not enforce the laws about pot, she says….but keep it illegal! Sheesh! Mixed messages or a willingness to keep the laws on the books so we can prosecute someone we don’t like?

    Hacking email by the government? What about ATT and the NSA?

    We already have term limits…they are called elections. Why limit by law the choice of the people in their elected reps?

    Too tired to go through more of it for now…maybe more response later…

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