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Yankee Stadium Bans Vuvuzelas

by @ 3:56 pm on June 17, 2010. Filed under Baseball, New York Yankees, Sports


You won’t have to worry about hearing the annoying vuvuzela at Yankee Stadium:

Those vuvuzela horns may be all the rage at the World Cup in South Africa, but the Yankees won’t let fans toot, toot, toot for the home team.

When “bleacher creature” Anthony Zachariadis wailed on one of the plastic horns at Tuesday night’s game, Stadium security snatched it out of his hands.

“You gotta give me the horn,” the guard told him, inducing a chorus of boos from the bleachers. “You can’t blow it.”

Zachariadis, 27, purchased several vuvuzelas months ago for $6 apiece on a soccer Web site, with the intention of traveling to the World Cup. When the trip fell through, he decided to bring the sounds of soccer to Yankee Stadium.

Though hugely popular in South Africa, the horns — which can reach an excruciating 120 decibels — are now reviled by soccer fans around the world.

Fortunately for American sports fans, the plastic instruments of irritation are still only available online or in novelty shops. But that could change.

Even though the denizens of the bleachers are known for being loud using just their own voices, Zachariadis said he couldn’t resist trying them out at the Stadium.

“I hid them in my shorts to get into the stadium, and when I pulled out the horns, the whole place went nuts,” he said.

“Phillies fans would walk by and we would blow it in their ear,” he said. “They had a laugh — they knew we were playing with them.”


The Yankees did not return calls seeking comment.

The rules for fans, posted on the team’s Web site, say you can’t “blow horns and all other distracting noisemakers.”


One Response to “Yankee Stadium Bans Vuvuzelas”

  1. Andrew Clem says:

    Good for the Yankees! Those stupid toy horns are like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    BTW, that pic is of OLD Yankee Stadium, recently torn down.

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