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Ron Paul Non-Committal On 2012 Run For President, Hints He May Back Gary Johnson

by @ 3:55 pm on June 21, 2010. Filed under 2012 Election, Elections, Gary Johnson, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Ron Paul

Some interesting words from the most interesting candidate of 2008:

Ron Paul says he hasn’t decided if he’ll challenge President Obama for re-election in 2012, but he does predict that Republicans will be more open than they were in 2008 to nominating a libertarian-minded candidate.

“I think there’s no doubt about it,” Paul said in an interview with The Daily Caller.

This year, libertarian-Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate — like Paul’s son Rand Paul in Kentucky and Sharron Angle in Nevada — have won Republican primaries with the help of the Tea Party support. Noting the “big libertarian influence in the Tea Party movement,” Paul says libertarian beliefs are making their way into the lexicon of traditional Republicans.

“I think even the issue of the Federal Reserve — that issue is almost mainstream,” he said. “And I think things have shifted because of the financial crisis as well as the bogging down of our foreign policy. So the American people are looking for some different answers.”

Paul, whose anti-Iraq war views won him jeers at some Republican events in 2008, says a libertarian-minded GOP candidate will be better received when Obama runs for re-election. But he cautioned that he himself has not decided to run. “It’s too early for me to talk much about that because I haven’t made a decision. I haven’t ruled it out, but I’m not on the verge of making a decision anytime soon,” Paul said.

Asked to name other potential presidential candidates he could support, Paul replied, “I guess the best one would be Johnson from New Mexico — Gary Johnson.”

Johnson, an ultra-marathon runner who was governor from 1995 to 2003 and endorsed Paul in 2008, is beloved by libertarians for his many vetoes and privatizations while in office, and for championing school choice and drug decriminalization.

Gary Johnson is someone I’ve been watching for awhile and I’d love to see him get into the Presidential race. Perhaps this will persuade him to do so.

4 Responses to “Ron Paul Non-Committal On 2012 Run For President, Hints He May Back Gary Johnson”

  1. dougisalawyer says:

    he has no chance. it would be great if he did.

    i like ron paul, but coming from a financing background…i strongly disagree with him on a central bank. greenspan was in error, that’s it. we’re living with those consequences, but it’s important to have a lender of last resorts. other than that paul is class.

  2. ej says:

    setting an interest rate target is different than being the lender of last resort. You couls still have a central bank that acts as a lender of last resort and not try to micro manage the business cycle.

  3. [...] to the Daily Caller (h/t Below the Beltway), Texas Congressman Ron Paul hasn’t decided yet whether or not he’ll run for president [...]

  4. Johnson will have a tough road of him, especially among the sea of statist neocons that are in the running already

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