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Five Years And Counting At Below The Beltway

by @ 8:54 am on July 4, 2010. Filed under Blogging, News About The Site

It was five years ago today that I first dipped my toes into the blogosphere.

It’s been a fun four years, and despite a haitus here and there, I’m pretty pleased that I’ve been able to make this enough of a regular thing that over 1.8 million people have seen fit to stop by. Of course, I’m not doing most of my political blogging over at Outside The Beltway but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this place. Stay tuned, because I’ve got a few ideas to share……..

3 Responses to “Five Years And Counting At Below The Beltway”

  1. Eric Dondero says:

    You’d be doing a lot better if you cleaned up the look of this blog. Really, it’s gosh-darn awful. The color scheme sucks. The lay-out’s even worse. The only thing that saves you is some occasional decent content. Though, even tht leaves a lot to be desired – the constant Palin-bashing, the snarky remarks about Libertarian Republicans, ect…

  2. Ken says:

    Congrats! Well done.

  3. Well, Eric, I’m not doing this to make you happy.

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