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If She Can’t Handle Bill O’Reilly…….

by @ 12:14 pm on July 12, 2010. Filed under Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s appearance on The O’Reilly Factor was, well, interesting:

Also, over at OTB I wrote this morning about what really looks like the beginnings of Sarah Palin’s campaign for the White House.

2 Responses to “If She Can’t Handle Bill O’Reilly…….”

  1. This interview makes me sick. A bunch of f**king talking points. I love that she starts to cite “political hero” President Reagan, until O’Reilly points out that he “botched” immigration in the 80s. At which time, Palin then asserts that we should learn from his mistakes. Grossly uncomfortable.

  2. Robert in SF says:

    I think most of TV/web/paper politics is talking points. I see too much of the casual catch-all phrases used to summarize an incredibly nuanced subject down to 5 or so words.

    Secure the border, throw ‘em out, send to jail, etc. But the operational side of most issues is much tougher to implement than to summarize.

    Could the viewers/readers sit there and digest and understand a discussion of the various factors that go into making policy and the resulting implementation?

    For example: just for securing the border, there are points to consider on the number of National Guard personnel per mile, weighed against the terrain and technology and the various factors that affect the actual “risk” of illegal border crossings at the various points, and the factors that affect those factors.

    That doesn’t even touch on the logistics of staffing the personnel, the support, and the cost.

    Much less cover the issues of how to deal with the illegally present (as some come in legally, but stay illegally), and how to handle them within the system.

    And not to mention how to handle the “employers” of those here illegally.

    She was all bells, no ice cream, for those who known I mean. But then, who has presented a good summary in this kind of format that does promise and deliver real substantiative points? Who can we hold up as an example?

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