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Judge Napolitano: Bush & Cheney Should Have Been Indicted

Well, you sure don’t hear this from your typical Fox News contributor:

NADER: What’s the sanction for President Bush and Vice President Cheney? [...]

NAPOLITANO: They should have been indicted. They absolutely should have been indicted for torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrants. I’d like to say they should be indicted for lying but believe it or not, unless you’re under oath, lying is not a crime. At least not an indictable crime. It’s a moral crime.

NADER: So you think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should even though they’ve left office, they haven’t escaped the criminal laws, they should be indicted and prosecuted?

NAPOLITANO: The evidence in this book and in others, our colleague the great Vincent Bugliosi has amassed an incredible amount of evidence. The purpose of this book was not to amass that evidence but I do discuss it, is overwhelming when you compare it to the level of evidence required for a normal indictment that George W. Bush as President and Dick Cheney as Vice President participated in criminal conspiracies to violate the federal law and the guaranteed civil liberties of hundreds, maybe thousands of human beings.

4 Responses to “Judge Napolitano: Bush & Cheney Should Have Been Indicted”

  1. Raidet Jenks says:

    Conspired? Doesn’t this guy know that conspiracy is impossible? Only crazy people in “tinfoil hats” propose conspiracy by our benevolent leaders. Jeez!

  2. S says:

    Government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

    This is the reason our government is so broken, everyone is to afraid of being labeled as socialist or radicals by criticizing big business and as a result the government prefers not to interfere.

  3. Ellie Light says:

    Torture is lsitening to loons like this hack.

  4. James Young says:

    Actually, you don’t usually hear it from any but the certifiably insane.

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