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Jack Conway Campaign Worker Poses As Racist Rand Paul Supporter

From this weekend’s Fancy Farm rallies in Kentucky:

Caught. Red Handed.

H/T: Dave Weigel

5 Responses to “Jack Conway Campaign Worker Poses As Racist Rand Paul Supporter”

  1. FormerDemocrat says:

    I read on a blog that Jack Conway can’t run on the issues so he is just running by smearing Rand Paul. I guess this is more evidence.

    Why can’t candidates run on their own merits? Run own their own ideas?

  2. dougisalwayer says:

    what did you expect from the patrick bateman camp…uhh, i mean jack conway camp. conway seems like a tosser that’ll do anything to win.

  3. The Blast says:

    [...] Apparently the additional months of potential practice didn’t help this liberal idiot posing as a racist Rand Paul supporter: [...]

  4. When political operatives pull stupid stunts like the fellow in the video, all that they accomplish is proving that their candidate’s integrity is in question.

    I hope that Mr. Conway was, in no way behind this crap, but whether he was or not, he will be the one held accountable by the voters (at least the few who are paying attention).

    This guy, instead of being Joe the Plumber, is Joe the Douche-bag. He obviously doesn’t understand that his dishonorable act, not only embarrasses himself, but casts dishonor on his own family as well as the candidate, Mr. Conway, whom he was trying to, in a very sleazy manner, to get elected.

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