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Best Criminal Defense Ever

by @ 3:03 pm on August 12, 2010. Filed under In The News, Legal


I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had a case like this, but I certainly wouldn’t turn this client away:

A TOPLESS sunbather is being investigated by police after being accused of sensuously rubbing sun cream on herself on a public beach.

Police were called to a beach at Anzio south of Rome by a furious mother who said the way the “attractive” sunbather was rubbing lotion on her body had “troubled her sons aged 14 and 12.”

The mother said she had asked the 26-year-old woman, identified only as Luisa under Italian privacy laws, to cover herself up. But the woman, still topless, refused and an argument broke out and police were called.

“A patrol was stopped by a mother of two sons who was angry at a topless sunbather and the way she was applying suntan cream,” a police spokesman said.


“The patrol went and took her details and she argued, still topless, that she could so no harm in what she was doing as it was a public beach.

“We have opened a file on committing an obscene act as we are committed to following the complaint. From what I heard she was very attractive,” the spokesman said.


“She is amazed that she is being condemned for simply sunbathing topless,” lawyer Gianluca Arrighi said.

“’Let’s be clear my client is tall, brunette and has an ample breast and is therefore going to naturally be sensuous when she applies cream to her chest.

Case dismissed.

H/T: Above The Law

4 Responses to “Best Criminal Defense Ever”

  1. Ken says:

    For a particularly expansive definition of “troubled” to mean “bothered,” as in “hot and bothered,” the mom may have a point.

  2. Gianluca Arrighi is the luckiest attorney in all of Italy.

  3. On the entire planet, I’d say

  4. Woody says:

    I’d have to touch the evidence before reaching a verdict.

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