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Rand Paul On The “Ground Zero Mosque”: I Won’t Interfere With Local New York Issues

by @ 12:37 am on August 17, 2010. Filed under Islam, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Rand Paul, Religion

Kentucky political blogger Jim Higdon reports on a response from the Rand Paul campaign to a question about his stance on the construction of an Islamic community center at a location in Lower Manhattan formerly occupied by a Burlington Coat Factory:

Given all the bad crazy going around regarding allegedly small-government conservatives trying to dictate New York City zoning laws in regard to the proposed lower Manhattan mosque, which has been intentionally mislabeled as the “Ground Zero Mosque” for greater effect upon the ignorant and willfully ignorant — MCL wondered how the Kentucky senate candidates feel about it.

Dr. Rand Paul’s new spokesperson, Gary Howard, sent us this quick note:

We are focused on this race and the issues affecting Kentucky. We don’t want New York intervening in our local Kentucky issues, and we don’t look to interfere with New York’s local issues.

Sounds like a position we all ought to take.

3 Responses to “Rand Paul On The “Ground Zero Mosque”: I Won’t Interfere With Local New York Issues”

  1. Bob says:

    We shouldn’t interfere with an issue that could potentially involve the persecution of a religious group, just because it’s in some other state? The religious freedom of all Americans, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, Atheist, or anything else is a federal concern that every American should be concerned about.

  2. Bob,

    Since the project has been fully approved by all relevant authorities in NYC we’re not really talking about government action anymore, we’re talking outsiders coming in and trying to put social pressure on the property owners and the community to stop the project.

    Those people, along with the politicians who support them, need to shut up and go home

  3. [...] Less than twenty-four hours after telling a Kentucky political blogger that he considered the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” a New York issue, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul contradicted himself and joined the reactionaries on the side of religious intolerance: Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul says that he opposes developing plans for a mosque to be built in close proximity to “Ground Zero” in New York City. [...]

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