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Ron Paul: I Don’t Believe For A Minute That Islam Is Our Enemy

Via Marion County Line, comes news of Congressman Ron Paul’s comments about the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy:

“I think it’s a big distraction, a grand distraction from the real issues… To me it should have been a grand opportunity, and you really touched on the opportunity, because it’s really a property rights issue, and who owns the property? And it’s also a civil liberties issue. It’s a freedom of speech issue… Property rights and civil rights are one and the same… drives the neo-cons nuts… I don’t believe for a minute that the, quote, religion of Islam is our enemy.”


3 Responses to “Ron Paul: I Don’t Believe For A Minute That Islam Is Our Enemy”

  1. Brent Friar says:

    Ron Paul is a wise man. It annoys me to no end that the tea baggers have taken over his cause.

  2. Bo-YA! This is why Ron Paul gets respect because he actually stands up for liberty unlike the rest of the clods

  3. mike says:

    Ron is wrong if he thinks property rights and free speech are the extent of what is involved. As a California developer I can tell you the community can always stop any development for any reason they want to use: lack of water (when their is plenty), or traffic ( No matter what any study shows.) People who live around something control who gets to develop what. That is the American way and you can sue if you think otherwise. Good luck.

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