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Marion Barry Accuses D.C. Mayor Fenty Of “Culture Of Corruption”

by @ 2:52 pm on August 24, 2010. Filed under Washington DC

This, my friends, is what you call chutzpah:

Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry was on hand to back up the shenanigans charges.

“I supported Adrian Fenty,” said Barry, speaking of the candidate’s 2006 run against Linda Cropp. “He wined me, dined me, impressed me.” Barry said that he made robocalls on the then-candidate’s behalf.

But Barry said that Mayor Fenty has since become a “great disappointment,” indulging in “cronyism” and a “culture of corruption.” Barry said that he supports Gray because he is “more personable” and cares for the District’s “vulnerable citizens.”

Well, if anyone knows corruption, it’s Marion Barry.

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