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Gerry Connolly: Bush Tax Cuts Didn’t Help Economy ! Let’s Extend The Bush Tax Cuts !

This interview should provide Keith Fimian with material for a commercial or three:

H/T: Not Larry Sabato

3 Responses to “Gerry Connolly: Bush Tax Cuts Didn’t Help Economy ! Let’s Extend The Bush Tax Cuts !”

  1. Linda Bartlett says:

    This is incomprehensible, idiotic, and “I voted against it before I voted for it” on steroids. It’s good for the general public to see the same devious and manipulative man we watched in Fairfax County. In 2008 he chuckled about leaving the County with a half-billion dollar deficit, so the fact that he’s part of the “spend the nation into bankruptcy” cabal is no surprise. And, let’s be honest, he only “voted against my party” when his vote wouldn’t count. VA’s 11th has a credible, smart, and small business experienced candidate in Keith Fimian, who will serve our district and the nation well. Plus, he doesn’t intent to make a career of politics, but just wants to stay long enough to set the nation on a course to viability and prosperity.

  2. Matt Pemberton says:

    Mr. Connolly is clearly showing his desperation. He is ideologically opposed to tax cuts, and this Dalmation won’t change his spots. How do I know? Because of his record of Tax and Spend while he was with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. It’s all there in black and red. No, Mr. Connolly is not a fiscal hawk,and we are not stupid. VA-11 wants a person to represent us who actually knows something about private sector job growth–and that person is Keith Fimian, our next congressman.

  3. Jonathan says:

    John McCain anyone? He didn’t support the cuts, now he does. His reasoning for the switch (if I remember right) is almost word for word what Connolly said here.

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