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GOP Hypocrisy On Health Care Reform

Let’s take a look at this ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee that’s running in West Virginia:

In case you missed it, Alex Knepper points out the problem with this ad:

“Manchin supports Barack Obama’s big government agenda…Manchin supported the government takeover of healthcare that cuts Medicare…”

The words “Government takeover of healthcare” are actually juxtaposed with “Cuts Medicare” on the screen.


Do these newfound entitlement-lovers think that these cuts were made because Nancy Pelosi enjoys watching old people suffer?

It reminds me of the protesters against ObamaCare that were showing up at Town Hall’s in the Summer of 2009 saying that they opposed a government take over of health care because they didn’t want the government touching their Medicare, or the poll numbers showing that 25% of Republicans didn’t know that Medicare was a government program.

Campaigning against one government program by saying it will make cuts in another government program is not limited government, people.

3 Responses to “GOP Hypocrisy On Health Care Reform”

  1. But, since we have Medicare now for old folks, do we really want to take it away from them? Deny any and all people from this point forward, though.

  2. Let's Be Free says:

    This post is facile and ignorant.

    Medicare is a system that people have been paying into for a generation in the expectation that they will be able to draw down benefits in old age. Up to now much more has been contributed than has been spent. Medicare taxes should fund what they were assessed to pay for.

    There is nothing hypocritical about supporting integrity. And in fact, matching taxes and benefit streams is a very effective tool in limiting the growth of government.

  3. Ellie Light says:

    Medicare isn’t a voluntary program. Stealing from it to fund programs for those who have never paid is immoral and an outrage.

    This isn’t about limited government, it is about the government honoring its obligations.

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