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How To Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

by @ 1:55 pm on October 4, 2010. Filed under Economics, Politics

As Dan Mitchell explains, it’s not really that hard:

3 Responses to “How To Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes”

  1. Do you think this bozo even *knows* why the Department of Transportation exists? Do you think he’s serious when he compares the American economy of 1790 with that of 2010? Do you think he ever read the part of American History that presents the cycles of economic boom/bust that took place between the end of the Civil War and culminating in the Great Depression? Do you think he has a clue that the budget of the U.S. Department of Defense is 8X greater than that of the nation in 2nd place? Do you think he remembers that for the entire 20th century, excepting WW1 and WW2, the U.S. Armed Forces was used as a tool for projecting American-style capitalism and protecting the assets and trade structures of American-owned businesses? Gosh, I wish that the history of U.S. Federal government spending and the events that drove it were as simple to present as does this bozo.

  2. zone says:

    Any theory of recovery resting on taxpayers is a fool’s.

    Taxpayers didn’t cause the problem so should not be expected to solve it.

    Would even say our problems are not financial as much as ideological.

    Remember JFK’s words – “not what your country can do for you”…?

    Well, don’t tell that to fans of Obamanomics.

  3. Crusty Dem says:

    Could it be that simple? If we just abolish the Departments of Defense, Education, the Interior, Justice, Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Treasury, we could balance the budget right now? Awesome!!

    And if we eliminate the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, we can get rid of currency and convert to the gold standard? Or would you recommend some sort of barter system? What a Brave New World envisioned by this genius!

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