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Thoughts On Veterans Day

by @ 7:38 am on November 11, 2010. Filed under History


As we mark Veterans Day here in the United States, it is worth remembering that, for the rest of the Western world, today marks the end of what may very well be the most pointless war in human history

The war in which millions of educated and working class men sacrificed their lives to fight over the remnants of a Europe that was still ruled by Hohenzollern’s, Hapsburg’s and Romanov’s —Middle Age Europe’s inbred contribution to insanity.

And what were they fighting over ? The same stupid battles that Europeans were fighting 100 years previously when Napoleon raged across the Russian frontier. Only this time, they were doing it with tanks, planes, and mustard gas.

It was massacre writ large and insanity on display for four long years — and it all started when some guy got shot in Sarajevo.

And yet, somehow, the boys of America ended up in the middle of this mess that the Royalists and Europeans has created. Rationally, there was no reason we should’ve been there and yet we were led by a man convinced that he could remake the world in America’s democratic image.

Sound familiar ?

That didn’t work out so well back then, as people unlucky enough to live in Europe in the 1930s and 40s can attest. Not to mention the men who the United States sent back to Europe in 1941.

So as we remember Veterans today, and thank them for their service, perhaps it’s time to think about how we can stop creating so many gardens of stone in so many corners of the world in the name of misplaced idealism.

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One Response to “Thoughts On Veterans Day”

  1. Ellie Light says:

    Pathetic and demonbstrating aknowledge of history that one expects of a third grader. What was the French cabinet doing in St. Petersburg prior to Russia’s declaration of war? And we all realize what royal house sat on the French throne don’t we?

    And the assination of the archduke by a terrorist group subsidized by the Serbs sort of echoes erily now doesn’t it as we see the same sort of tactics. Care to rehash the tired Napoleonics BS again? Or maybe we are still fighting the same old Napoleonic issues today.

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