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George Allen Leads Virginia GOP Senate Nomination Fight

by @ 4:05 pm on November 18, 2010. Filed under 2012 Election, Elections, Politics, Virginia, Virginia Politics

The last bit of data from Public Policy Polling’s poll of Virginia shows former Governor and Senator George Allen to be far ahead of other potential Republicans in the race to face George Allen in 2012:

Virginia Republicans overwhelmingly want George Allen to be their candidate for the Senate in 2012. 46% say he’d be their pick with the second (and unlikely) choice of Eric Cantor falling all the way back at 18%. 16% would like Ken Cuccinelli and then there’s very little support for the remaining options given- 4% for Bill Bolling and Tom Davis and only 2% for Bob Marshall.

The desire for Allen to be the nominee spans the ideological divisions of Virginia Republicans. Conservatives want him by a 47-18 margin over Cantor and moderates do as well by a 43-20 spread. Allen performed the best of the Republicans tested against Jim Webb and Tim Kaine in polling we released yesterday so this appears to be one case where the candidate the GOP base wants the most is also their most electable possibility.

Given Allen’s superior name recognition this isn’t entirely surprising.

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