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Happy Fifth Anniversary To The Liberty Papers

by @ 9:26 am on November 22, 2010. Filed under Blogging, The Liberty Papers

It was five years ago today that The Liberty Papers was born. At the time, Eric Cowperthwaite, who had founded the blog but has since moved on the other opportunities, described the purpose of this new blog in this post:

The goal is to create a repository of writing and thinking on classic liberal thoughts, theories and ideas on government, politics, individual rights and freedoms and more.We are not Libertarians, or Anarchists, or any other -ism. We are the heirs of Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the many other men who dedicated their Lives, their Fortunes and their Sacred Honor to the idea that the rule of law should supercede the rule of man.

I had only been blogging for four months at the time and I was honored to be among the first group of contributors.

We’ve had an interesting five years, some contributors have come and gone, and things certainly got heated at TLP during the 2008 Presidential election when we were among the few libertarian blogs out there to be blunt about the mistakes that Ron Paul and his supporters made during the course of that campaign. I don’t contribute there quite as much as I used to, but you’ll still find me there every now and then along with other great writers you should be checking out.

Brad Warbiany has marked the milestone with a list of the top 10 posts at TLP over the last five years and I’m pleased to see that one of my posts made the cut.

If you aren’t already reading TLP daily, you should be.

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