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Bob McDonnell: A Borrow-And-Spend Republican

by @ 5:35 pm on January 9, 2011. Filed under Bob McDonnell, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Bob McDonnell continues to trouble me. Last year, he balanced the state budget by engaging in an accounting trick that merely pushed the state’s liability to the employee pension fund to the following fiscal year. Now, he seems intent on spending money that the Commonwealth doesn’t have:

RICHMOND – Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell plans a massive spending campaign that he said would unclog state roads, award thousands more college degrees and spur job creation, part of an aggressive legislative agenda he is expected to roll out this week.

McDonnell (R) will press lawmakers to approve a series of statewide projects he said would be paid in part through Virginia’s $403 million budget surplus, $337 million in higher-than-expected tax revenue, and $192 million generated through cuts and savings.

And in stark contrast to other governors, who are cutting budgets and slashing payrolls, McDonnell told The Washington Post that he plans to borrow nearly $3 billion over the next three years for transportation projects and intends to spend an additional $400 million to fix the state’s ailing roads, $58 million to help state colleges and universities, and $54 million to create jobs.

“When you only have four years to do things, you understand the clock is always ticking,” said McDonnell, referring to Virginia law that makes it the only state in the nation where a governor can’t succeed himself. “You have a sense of urgency to get things done.”

And you have every incentive to leave the bill for the next guy.

Republicans in Richmond, you have a job. Stop this irresponsible spending spree.

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