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Six Years Ago Today

by @ 11:37 am on July 4, 2011. Filed under Blogging, News About The Site

It was six years ago today that I first dipped my toes into the blogosphere.

It’s been an interesting little journey, with traffic hits coming from everyone from Michelle Malkin to Glenn Reynolds. I’ve met a number of good people since I started this and, while  I’m not doing most of my political blogging over at Outside The Beltway these days, I haven’t forgotten about this place. I’ve been neglectful about posting here, but I’m going to work on changing that.

And, oh yea, Happy Fourth Of July too !

One Response to “Six Years Ago Today”

  1. John Peabody says:

    Hello? Hello…

    Doug, I popped in here because you just posted (on OTB) on Gary Bauer. You ended with “Anyone who follows Bauer’s advice is a fool”. You used to make my day by posting something ridiculous and adding your own, one-word commentary, “dumbass”. It was always correct; like the WWII surrender response, “Nuts”, no other words were needed to pad the truth.

    Too bad you don’t (can’t? I understand) say “dumbass” anymore. Ahh, the perils of a wider audience.

    Twins will beat the Yanks in October, I’m sure of it this time.

    John Peabody

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