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Like A Thief In The Night

by @ 8:58 pm on November 27, 2011. Filed under Blogging, Outside The Beltway

I haven’t posted much here recently, with my political blogging being now mostly at Outside The Beltway and my own indecision about what I should do next with this site.

Nonetheless, I feel it necessary to say something about the news at OTB today from its founder, James Joyner, that his wife had passed away in her sleep at the far too young age of 41. She leaves behind a husband and two daughters, one a month shy of three and another who was born in only June of this year. It’s all tremendously sad, and inexplicable. I cannot imagine how I would react in a similar situation, or how I’d even be able to contemplate the future. But, contemplate we must. I cannot imagine what James is going through. It’s something nobody should ever have to go through.

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