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Once Again, An Obama Bow. This Time, To A Chinese Communist

by @ Tuesday, April 13th, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Mr. Obama, Mr. Washington would have never bowed to any foreign leader. Especially not one representing a government founded on oppression and tyranny.

Obama’s New Nuclear Policy: Undercutting The Value Of Nuclear Deterence

by @ Tuesday, April 6th, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Iran, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Russia

Last night it broke that the President would be announcing what is clearly a major change to American nuclear strategy: WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons. But the president said in an interview that […]

Another Confusing Report About Iran’s Nuclear Capability

by @ Wednesday, March 31st, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Iran, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Today, the CIA is out with a fresh report saying that Iran is capable of producing nuclear weapons: Iran is poised to begin producing nuclear weapons after its uranium program expansion in 2009, even though it has had problems with thousands of its centrifuges, according to a newly released CIA report. “Iran continues to develop […]

China Warns U.S. On Trade War Threats

by @ Monday, March 22nd, 2010. Filed under China, Economics, Foreign Affairs

The Chinese are telling America that a tariff battle with Beijing will be very unpleasant: BEIJING – China’s commerce minister warned the United States on Sunday that if it launches a “trade war” against China by levying punitive tariffs on Chinese imports, the United States will suffer the most. Chen Deming also said the U.S. […]

Google Says No To Chinese Censorship

by @ Monday, March 22nd, 2010. Filed under China, Foreign Affairs, Internet, Technology

The guys at Google have decided to move their Chinese search engine to another location to avoid having to comply with Chinese censorship: SAN FRANCISCO — Just over two months after threatening to leave China because of censorship and intrusions by Chinese hackers, Google said that it would close its China-based Web site and instead […]

Even The Chinese Are Nervous About The Cost Of ObamaCare

by @ Wednesday, November 18th, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Health Care Reform, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Our bankers are worried that we’re spending too much: Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions. Boilerplate assurances that […]

Chinese Dissidents Disappointed By Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

by @ Saturday, October 10th, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Because, you know, it could’ve gone to people who are actually fighting for freedom: China’s dissidents are voicing unease about President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, saying that the award could have been effective in promoting human rights in their country. Some in China’s democracy movement are outraged at what they see as a weak […]

I Need To Rename A Blog Post Title

by @ Friday, October 9th, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Politics, Tibet

It should now read: 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Refuses To Meet With 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Winner For Fear Of Offending Dictators There, that’s better.

China, Rising

by @ Thursday, October 8th, 2009. Filed under China, Credit Crisis, Economics, Foreign Affairs

As the world struggles out of the Great Recession, it’s finding a new nation is entering the class of the powerful: For decades, China followed the dictum of its late supreme leader, Deng Xiaoping, to keep its head down abroad and focus on development at home. But earlier this decade, emboldened by success and mindful […]

The Beginning Of The End Of The Dollar ?

by @ Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. Filed under China, Economics, Europe, Foreign Affairs, France, Japan, Middle East, Russia

In a story that’s receiving headline treatment from Matt Drudge, Robert Fisk is reporting in The Independent that several oil producing states, along with China, Russia, and France are working on a plan to abandon the dollar: In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with […]

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