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GOP Losing Hispanic Support Since Passage Of Arizona Law

by @ Tuesday, May 25th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Political Parties, Politics, Republicans

Well, this isn’t at all surprising: There’s no doubt that the new Arizona immigration law is popular nationally, but that still doesn’t mean the issue’s going to work to the GOP’s advantage this fall. Hispanics in the Mountain West are leaning much more strongly toward the Democrats since the Arizona law was passed. The big […]

Arizona Immigration Law Author’s Next Plan: An Unconstitutional Effort To Ban “Anchor Babies”

by @ Friday, May 21st, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Individual Liberty, Politics

According to this report from a local Phoenix television station, the architect of Arizona’s immigration law has a new target in mind, and it’s one that would involve a clear effort to disregard the Constitution: PHOENIX — E-mails to and from Ariz.state Sen. Russell Pearce reveal the immigration enforcement debate may not stop with SB […]

Free Markets And Open Immigration Go Hand-In-Hand

by @ Saturday, May 8th, 2010. Filed under Economics, Immigration, In The News, Individual Liberty, Politics

Via United Liberty comes this interesting talk by the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley at The Cato Institute on the topic of free markets and immigration: You can also watch the full forum, which was held to discuss Riley’s 2008 book Let Them In: The Case For Open Borders:

How Much Would It Cost To Deport Every Illegal Immigrant ? More Than We Can Afford

by @ Friday, May 7th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Individual Liberty, Politics

Preeti Aroon does the math: If the United States deported all its illegal immigrants at once, how long would the bus convoy be? a) 18 miles    b) 180 miles    c) 1,800 miles Answer after the jump … Answer: C, 1,800. To deport the 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States en masse, […]

Arizona’s Constitutionally Troubling Immigration Law

Bob Barr has a piece this morning in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the persistent Constitutional problems with Arizona’s new immigration law: Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, just days old, already is sparking challenges and extensive controversy. Most Republicans, including many self-proclaimed “conservatives” who might otherwise oppose expanding government police powers, have lined up squarely behind […]

Quote Of The Day: Immigration And Freedom

by @ Sunday, May 2nd, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Individual Liberty, Quote Of The Day

I have sympathy for people who are freaked out by desperate immigrants and ruthless smugglers trampling over their property in southern Arizona, and as I’ve said elsewhere, us pro-immigrant types too easily skate over rule-of-law objections. Federal immigration policy is a failure, and poses real public policy challenges that no amount of righteous indignation and/or […]

Shakira Steps Into Arizona Immigration Debate

by @ Friday, April 30th, 2010. Filed under Celebrities, Immigration, In The News, Individual Liberty

Because, well, her hips don’t lie: (CNN) — Grammy Award-winning singer Shakira has joined the growing chorus of opposition to Arizona’s new immigration law. Shakira met with leaders Thursday in Arizona Thursday before talking about the issue on CNN’s “AC 360.” She said some police and lawmakers in Arizona are worried about how the new […]

Arizona Legislature Passes Fixes To Immigration Law In Response To Critics

by @ Friday, April 30th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, In The News, Individual Liberty

The Arizona legislature passed some changes to the new immigration law that purport to answer some of the stronger criticisms that have been leveled over the past week: PHOENIX — Arizona lawmakers have approved several changes to the recently passed sweeping law targeting illegal immigration. If Gov. Jan Brewer supports the changes, they will go […]

Senate Democrats Ready To Unveil Immigration Reform Plan

Well, this will make the next few months interesting: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other leading Democratic senators will formally unveil the outlines of legislation for comprehensive immigration reform late Thursday, CNN has learned. Two senior Democratic sources say the Senate Democrats will discuss a proposal drafted by Reid, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer […]

First Lawsuits Filed Against Arizona Immigration Law

by @ Thursday, April 29th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, In The News, Individual Liberty, Legal, Politics

And so, it begins: PHOENIX — An Arizona police officer and a Latino group filed the first legal challenges of Arizona’s sweeping new law cracking down on illegal immigration Thursday. Fifteen-year Tucson police veteran Martin Escobar argues there’s no way for officers to confirm people’s immigration status without impeding investigations. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in […]

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