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Barack Obama: The Greatest Gift To The Freedom Movement Ever

A new video from Reason examines how the Obama Administration has helped bring the libertarian electorate, and libertarian ideas, to the forefront of American politics:

Ron Paul On “Ground Zero Mosque”: Demagoguery Rules When Truth And Liberty Are Ignored.

This statement from Congressman Ron Paul pretty much says what I think about the “Ground Zero Mosque” kerfuffle: Is the controversy over building a mosque near ground zero a grand distraction or a grand opportunity? Or is it, once again, grandiose demagoguery? It has been said, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” Are we not overly […]

Ron Paul: I Don’t Believe For A Minute That Islam Is Our Enemy

Via Marion County Line, comes news of Congressman Ron Paul’s comments about the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy: “I think it’s a big distraction, a grand distraction from the real issues… To me it should have been a grand opportunity, and you really touched on the opportunity, because it’s really a property rights issue, and who […]

Gary Johnson On Rand Paul And Drug Legalization

by @ Thursday, August 19th, 2010. Filed under Gary Johnson, Individual Liberty, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, War On Drugs

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was on The Ed Show the other day talking about Rand Paul and marijuana legalization: Keep an eye on this guy.

Quote Of The Day II: Mosque-Smosque

by @ Tuesday, August 17th, 2010. Filed under Freedom of Religion, Individual Liberty, Islam, Quote Of The Day, Religion

The “mosque” controversy isn’t about property rights or religious freedom. It’s a bogus issue seized by the GOP establishment to distract the rank-and-file from the party’s reluctance to shrink government. — Gene Healy

Quotes Of The Day: Religious Tolerance Edition

by @ Tuesday, August 17th, 2010. Filed under Freedom of Religion, Individual Liberty, Quote Of The Day

Gentlemen, While I receive, with much satisfaction, your Address replete with expressions of affection and esteem; I rejoice in the opportunity of assuring you, that I shall always retain a grateful remembrance of the cordial welcome I experienced in my visit to Newport, from all classes of Citizens. The reflection on the days of difficulty […]

Eric Cantor Joins The Anti-Mosque Hysteria

I haven’t been a fan of Eric Cantor since he joined John Boehner in pushing through the “crap sandwich” known as TARP, so this just confirms my opinion of him: Everybody knows America’s built on the rights of free expression, the rights to practice your faith, but come on. Yea, come on. After all, it’s […]

Judge Napolitano: Birthright Citizenship Debate Is Meaningless Political Talk

by @ Thursday, August 12th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Individual Liberty, Politics

Once again, Judge Napolitano tells it like it is: I reached much the same conclusion in a post last week at Outside The Beltway.

Five Ways The War On (Some) Drugs Hurts Children

by @ Wednesday, August 11th, 2010. Filed under Individual Liberty, War On Drugs

Virginia Is For Liquor Lovers: The Case For Privatizing Virginia’s Liquor Industry

by @ Tuesday, August 10th, 2010. Filed under Bob McDonnell, Economics, Individual Liberty, Virginia, Virginia Politics


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